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Centre for Innovation and Entrepreneurship

The Centre for Innovation and Entrepreneurship is a multi-award-winning academic group established in 2016 to deliver pioneering educational programmes that would create a generation of graduates fit for a fast-changing world. Teaching at the Centre emphasises challenge-based, collaborative learning which allows students to draw upon their subject specialism while collaborating in multidisciplinary teams to deliver new and innovative solutions to a given real-world challenge.  Throughout … Continued

Economists for Future

Economists for Future is a global initiative whose mission is to mobilise economists, and the influence they have, to arrest the environmental crisis. We do so by implementing campaigns that credibly disrupt the beliefs and practices that obstruct the economics community from effectively tackling the environmental crisis. Get in touch with us via!

The Women’s Budget Group

The Women’s Budget Group is an independent, not-for-profit organisation that monitors the impact of government policies on men and women. We put forward policies for a more gender-equal future and build the capacity of women and women’s groups to participate in economic debates. Our WBG Early-Career Network is a place for feminist researchers in economics, … Continued

On Purpose

On Purpose is an international social enterprise that develops leaders for an economy that works for all. We run experiential programmes for leaders who want to help transform the organisations they work in towards an economy that provides what we need within the boundaries of our planet.


Politika is a cross-party, youth-led, non-profit with a mission to engage young people with politics. Their primary focus is gaining a tangible impact out of youth engagement, such as democratic participation, involvement in policy making, article writing and other forms of political content. Since February 2020 they have been the Radix youth wing.

WEAll Youth

WEAll Youth is a movement that connects young changemakers. We envision a global movement where like-minded young individuals are connected and action is inspired to co-create a wellbeing economy. This means to recentre the economy towards the equitable distribution of wealth, health and wellbeing while protecting the planet’s resources for future generation and other species.

The Equality Trust

The Equality Trust is a national charity which campaigns to reduce social, economic and racial inequality. We work with others to build a social movement for change. We campaign, promote robust evidence-based arguments and support a dynamic network of campaign groups across the country. We work closely with our 20 local groups throughout the country … Continued

Wellbeing Economy Alliance (WEAll)

WEAll exists to help bring about a transformation of the economic system, of society and of institutions so that all actors prioritise shared wellbeing on a healthy planet. WEAll’s activities include: • Connecting and convening seven meta movements from around the world (businesses; faith and values groups; academia and think thanks; civil society organisations; governments; … Continued


Agenci’s mission is to empower artists to make a living from their work. We aim to do this by providing support in producing their projects, finding connections to commissioners and platforms to showcase their work. We are a mission driven, beyond profit organisation.

New Internationalist

New Internationalist is a campaigning media organisation that explores and tackles issues of inequality and global and environmental justice, through its monthly magazine, books and website. New Internationalist is dedicated to socially conscious journalism and publishing. We are proud to be a multi-stakeholder co-operative co-owned by our workers and over 3,600 investors.

Global Justice Now

Global Justice Now is a democratic social justice organisation working as part of a global movement to challenge the powerful and create a more just and equal world. We mobilise people in the UK for change, and act in solidarity with those fighting injustice, particularly in the global south. The way the world currently works … Continued

New City Agenda

New City Agenda is a financial services think tank and forum founded by The Rt Hon Lord McFall, The Rt Hon David Davis MP, and Lord Sharkey. It was founded in response to the lack of new ideas and challenging perspectives emerging from current analyses of the issues facing the industry, government and consumers. New … Continued

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Association for Heterodox Economics

The Association for Heterodox Economics (AHE) is a learned society which aims to promote open and tolerant debate in economics through a pluralist approach to theory, method, and ideology. The Association, and its membership, seek to promote heterodox economics and perspectives in the academic, governmental and private spheres of the discipline of economics.

Institute of International Monetary Research

Founded in 2014 by Professor Tim Congdon, CBE, Chairman, the Institute promotes research into how developments in banking and finance affect the wider economy. The institute supports research projects on the relationship between money and other macroeconomic variables, in both the short and long runs, and in many countries.

Aberdeen Political Economy Group

The Aberdeen Political Economy Group (APEG) membership includes undergraduate and postgraduate students from the University of Aberdeen, along with University staff and members of the general public. We are convinced that scholarship must always be informed by a variety of perspectives, insights, and academic schools of thought. In this spirit, we host talks, panel debates, … Continued