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Do you think we need new ways of thinking about and organising our economy? Do you think a greater diversity of voices need to be heard? Do you want to learn more about different perspectives? Do you want to be part of the discussion and help create a more sustainable, inclusive and resilient economy? Then support PEP.

Please give in proportion to how important you think these issues are currently.  You can either become a sponsor or member of PEP.

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All members are able to get a say in running PEP and a free subscription to The Mint Magazine. For members who are based outside the UK, we will provide video facilities to facilitate participation in PEP general and management meetings.

Members that provide support of £7.50 or more per month get free access to our London events once these are running again post pandemic.

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This features:

  • Top economic thinkers including Steve Keen, Yanis Varoufakis, Ann Pettifor, Kate Raworth and many others
  • Comment on and analysis of finance, housing, environmental, health, marketisation etc
  • Reporting from around the world including China, Africa and Central America
  • History and humour

It is available on subscription (£4 – per quarterly issue and £12 – for an annual subscription with institutional subscriptions available too for libraries etc) or free as a part of PEP membership.

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…which pre-pandemic, were usually held monthly on Tuesdays at 7-8.30pm followed by a wine reception at the School of Economic Science, 11-13 Mandeville Pl, Marylebone, London W1U 3AJ

  • See our past events and speakers here.
  • For non-members tickets are £15 (£7.50 for students)