Outrage at corruption drove the reformation 500 years ago, couldn’t similar outrage drive a modern economic reformation?

Larry Elliot in his piece ‘Heretics welcome! Economics needs a new Reformation’ reported on Steve Keen and other leading economists ‘nailing’ 33 theses on ‘economic reformation’ to the door of a top university. This was designed to echo the apocryphal story of Luther nailing up his 95 theses 500 years ago. Clearly we do need … Continued

Economic Pluralism isn’t a Right-Left thing, but maybe it is a matter of national security

It might be thought that anyone who criticises the prevailing economic orthodoxy and calls for other approaches to understanding economics must be left wing. They might also be supposed to be anti-markets. However, neither of these suppositions are necessarily true. One of the most famous cases in point is Margaret Thatcher’ favourite economist, Friedrich Hayek. … Continued