School of Philosophy and Economic Science - PEP - Promoting Economic Pluralism

School of Philosophy and Economic Science

The School has adopted various working principles with the aim of protecting the integrity of its work and the welfare of its students. These include the following:

The intent of the School is that everyone attending, however long or short their stay, will find something of value in their lives

All are welcome to sample what the School has to offer through the introductory courses and to continue further with their studies if so inclined.

All tutors, with the exception of the Senior Tutor, continue to be students of philosophy in the School.

Tutors give their time for free Course fees are used to enable the School to continue offering its courses to as many people as possible and are kept to a practical minimum. Fees do not cover capital expenditure, which is made possible by donations, loans and legacies from students with the means to contribute in this way

Students are asked not to indulge in criticism of others, but to practise tolerance and respect towards fellow students.

The School is a registered educational charity, regulated by the Charity Commission in England and Wales and the Office of the Scottish Charity Regulator in Scotland.

All matters relating to tutoring are led by the Senior Tutor, Donald Lambie. He decides the direction and content of course material and studies, deals with the appointment of tutors and other related issues.

On the organisational side, the legally constituted body is known as the Fellowship of the School of Economic Science. This is made up of some 240 students who become Fellowship members through a process of nomination and, if appropriate, formal acceptance.