Kensal & Kilburn Better 2017 - PEP - Promoting Economic Pluralism

Kensal & Kilburn Better 2017

Kensal & Kilburn Better 2017 is an experiment in getting a local community together, face-to-face, to learn more about and discuss some of the most important issues we face as a society.

We are determined not just to complain. We are exploring how we can get a better 2017. We want to be ambitious, optimistic, realistic. We take a topic, hear from interesting thinkers on it, then have an open discussion on the possibilities for real change and improvement.

We are members of the Labour party, the Green party, and no political party, wanting to try new formats for political participation locally. We are very conscious that (to paraphrase Oscar Wilde) the problem with saving the world is that it takes up too many evenings. And so we are determined the events will stay interesting, congenial and fun. We hope you will join us in giving it a go!