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Economy – Sustainability – shaping society | Hochschule für Gesellschaftsgestaltung

The Master Program "Ökonomie - Nachhaltigkeit - Gesellschaftsgestaltung" at the Hochschule für Gesellschaftsgestaltung enables students to make scientifically sound decisions with regard to overcoming the complex and multiple crises of the present.

How does the programme provide content to ensure students achieve an understanding of a reasonably diverse set of perspectives on understanding economies?

The program provides a transdisciplinary, broad and critical awareness of the socio-ecological challenges of the present and the role of economic processes that underlie them. In addition, students acquire a multi-perspective and reflective understanding of unpredictable and complex contexts as well as different concepts of sustainability. They integrate knowledge from different fields in order to provide innovative solutions to issues of sustainable change against the background of an interdisciplinary plurality of scientific viewpoints.

How does the programme ensure students understand the interaction between economic and ecological systems?

Ecology and sustainability are a fundamental feature of the study program. Specifically, our students increasingly acquire an independent, multi-perspective and constructive understanding of innovation processes in economic thinking. They acquire different conceptions of sustainability and other normative orientations of action, as well as an understanding of new economies (Cooperative Economies & Commoning) and their roles in shaping society. In doing so, they learn to make independent judgments and free decisions.

How does the programme ensure students understand how to critically explore real-world evidence, both qualitative and quantitative?

The study program starts with real world problems and the evidence we have on diverse crises. Each student develops their own research question and course of study. Following this question and transformative aim we support them in acquiring the methodology they need. A broad reflection of economic methodology helps to reflect upon different methods and kinds of evidence.

What pedagogical approaches does the programme use to ensure that students examine the historical context, assumptions and values in all economic thinking?

A comparative approach not only to the history of economic thought but also to the history of culture and thought in general trains the ability to comprehend diverse „worldviews“. We approach the economy not as a given entity but in terms of the genesis of economization - How something becomes what kind of economic entity. In addition, a solid education in the philosophy of science fosters paradigmatic awareness on different levels.

How does the department ensure that the teaching culture and capacity to deliver economic pluralism are continually improving?

The department as well as the University as a whole was founded to establish a pluralist economic culture regarding content and form. The staff already reflect a variety of different traditions of economics. A common focus on new narratives, the power of imagination and sustainability combined with a strong background in philosophy and the history of thought helps us to create a growing culture of dialog.




Hochschule für Gesellschaftsgestaltung

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Economy - Sustainability - shaping society


Institute of Economics

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Taught Masters

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Economy – Sustainability – shaping society | Hochschule für Gesellschaftsgestaltung

Economy - Sustainability - shaping society

Institute of Economics