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Pluralist masters program in Economics.

How does the programme provide content to ensure students achieve an understanding of a reasonably diverse set of perspectives on understanding economies?

The program allows students to take classes in different subjects from differente perspectives. We have four mandatory courses. One of them is Econometrics. Other two, Micro and Macro, are offered in two versions, orthodox and Heterodox, the student must take at least one of each subjects being free to choose which perspective. Besides, the fourth mandatory course all the students are required to take a course about Pluralism in Economics. 

How does the programme ensure students understand the interaction between economic and ecological systems?

Students can take some optional courses studying this question.

How does the programme ensure students understand how to critically explore real-world evidence, both qualitative and quantitative?

A realist approach is promoted

What pedagogical approaches does the programme use to ensure that students examine the historical context, assumptions and values in all economic thinking?

A historical and realist approach is promoted.

How does the department ensure that the teaching culture and capacity to deliver economic pluralism are continually improving?

Besides the discipline "Pluralism in Economics", the professors of the program have very diverse views on what Economics is about. Despite the theoretical diversity, a respectful working climate has been a characteristic of the course since its vey beginnings.

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The program began in 2017. 




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Taught Masters

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