The Co-Creation Strategy - PEP - Promoting Economic Pluralism

The Starting Points

In January 2018 we first put together a working group to discuss ideas for the accreditation system for pluralist economics masters programmes. This working group involved both academics and stakeholders including an expert on accreditation systems.  We used the criteria and other proposals that came out of this this working group as a starter for wider international online discussion.

The process from there

The overall process was structured in two phases:

Phase I


Phase I established:

  • The criteria a masters programme should meet to be accredited (Stage 1) using an online platform discussion, zoom meetings and comments on draft criteria.
  • The assessment and compliance processes to verify these criteria are being met; e.g. a catalogue of what can count as proof of meeting a certain criterion (Stage 2);
  • The governance structure for the scheme, ensuring its functionality (Stage 3).

Phase II

Phase 2 will serve to clarify any remaining details regarding practicalities to ensure the functionality of the scheme. This involved piloting the approach to assessment, compliance and learning. This has been paused due to the current pressure on academics and universities due to the pandemic.