Prof Kevin Albertson

Dr Kevin Albertson is an eclectic economist with a background in statistics and economics, but now he has escaped (to some extent) from the numerical world of Econometrics into the applied worlds of: Behavioural Economics; Economics and Crime – he is co-author of the critically acclaimed text book ‘Crime and Economics: An Introduction’ –; and the analysis of government policy. He leads the economic components of many PERU projects including, currently, an economic forecasting exercise as part of the InnoSI project.

Kevin’s research interests range from business and social forecasting, through: the frontiers of computing; who is really to blame for the €-zone crisis; social innovation; crime; and the application of classical and behavioural economics to socio-political issues. He is a co-founder and author on the departmental blog ‘Eomics’ (Economics without the con) where has fulminated at short-length on current social challenges.