Fran Boait

Nicolette is an independent adviser to organisations operating at the public private interface on various complex, multi-stakeholder challenges, and especially those in the West of England. To this she brings some 20 years� business strategy, economic regulation, policy development and implementation experience gained whilst working with, for and on projects commissioned by governmental organisations, regulators, investment and/or research oriented businesses, and community enterprises. This includes periods working for global professional service firms and more specialist economic consultancies as well as policy-making secondments to central, regional and local government.

When working on such problems as energy and water resilience, sustainable development or facilitating appropriate infrastructure investment, her analytical approach draws on insights from a range of different schools of economic thought as well as other knowledge disciplines. She has a B.A. in Politics, Philosophy and Economics and an M.Phil. in Economics, a City Financial Diploma, and is currently studying (when project-work allows) for a post-graduate diploma in Environmental Management with the Open University.