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Global Political Economy | City University of London

Develop a deep understanding of the complex global economic system and its socio-political relationships with this MA in the heart of London. You will build a valuable knowledge base covering economic and financial dynamics, subjects of global order and state strategies.

How does the programme provide content to ensure students achieve an understanding of a reasonably diverse set of perspectives on understanding economies?

Our MA GPE is delivered by leading experts in the field of heterodox political economy. Students will be introduced to a wide range of theoretical perspectives, both mainstream and heterodox. 

How does the programme ensure students understand the interaction between economic and ecological systems?

Both of the core modules on the programme IPM105 Global Capitalism: Past, Present, Future and IPM116 Theories of Global Political Economy are attentive to ecological issues and the climate crisis. 

How does the programme ensure students understand how to critically explore real-world evidence, both qualitative and quantitative?

Students will have the opportunity to engage with both qualitative and quantitative evidence. As part of their dissertation, students will be introduced to a wide variety of research methods, both qualitative and quantitative. 

What pedagogical approaches does the programme use to ensure that students examine the historical context, assumptions and values in all economic thinking?

The MA GPE offers a balance between historical and contemporary issues. In the core modules, will be able to draw contemporary lessons from historical scholarship. As part of our highly interactive lecturers and tutorials, students will be given opportunities to reinforce the knowledge they gain through simulation activities, field trips, and the writing of policy briefings on key issues. 

How does the department ensure that the teaching culture and capacity to deliver economic pluralism are continually improving?

As a department focused on heterodox political economy, our academics are very much in tune with the latest developments in the field. We make constant efforts to update our curriculum to reflect these latest developments. The MA GPE is also connected to our world-leading research institute: The City Political Economy Research Centre (CITY-PERC), which is a crucial venue for cutting-edge work in heterodox political economy. 


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Global Political Economy


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Global Political Economy | City University of London

Global Political Economy