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Roosevelt is one of the few universities in the United States where one can earn a Master's degree in Economics in a heterodox tradition. Established by a Marxist, a feminist, and Abba Lerner, RU Econ is committed to pluralism, rigor, and tolerance. Diversity and inclusion in community, theory, and method are essential to the Roosevelt approach.

How does the programme provide content to ensure students achieve an understanding of a reasonably diverse set of perspectives on understanding economies?

Course offerings are pluralistic in construction, from the training of the faculty member to the articles on the syllabus.  In addition, RU Econ routinely offer courses on alternative economic perspectives and global development and underdevelopment.

How does the programme ensure students understand the interaction between economic and ecological systems?

RU Econ cooperates with Sustainability Studies cross-listing courses and many students majoring in Sustainability elect to take economics courses.

How does the programme ensure students understand how to critically explore real-world evidence, both qualitative and quantitative?

One of the RU Econ faculty, Stephen T. Ziliak, is a global leader in the paradigm shift away from statistical significance toward an economic and substantive approach to the logic of uncertainty.  At the same time, students are taught historical archival, immersive, textual, and anthropological methods.

What pedagogical approaches does the programme use to ensure that students examine the historical context, assumptions and values in all economic thinking?

Historical, feminist, Black, Marxian, ecological, social, and neoclassical political economic perspectives are taught by professors committed to what bell hooks calls "education as the practice of freedom"--openly rhetorical, historical, perspectival, and inclusive. 

How does the department ensure that the teaching culture and capacity to deliver economic pluralism are continually improving?

Like most successful departments, RU Econ has a very friendly and open environment.  We share syllabi, readings, etc., and these are some of the reasons Roosevelt University has built and grown a distinctive program in Pluralistic Economics ever since Abba Lerner in the 1940s.  A regular Seminar Series keeps the intellectual environment alive and the network growing.  

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Visitors tell us there are few buildings, views, and locations equal to Roosevelt University in Chicago. Overlooking Lake Michigan and Grant Park to the east, our main campus is located in the heart of the city of Chicago, the Loop.




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