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A Master of Arts in Economics earned along the way to a PhD degree. Students learn state-of-the art Micro, Macro, Econometrics alongside History of Economic Thought as well as Heterodox Theory and Methods. Colorado State University - MA in Economics Plan B

How does the programme provide content to ensure students achieve an understanding of a reasonably diverse set of perspectives on understanding economies?

Students are required to take a graduate level History of Economic Thought course (ECON505) in their first semester and a course on Heterodox Approaches to Economics (ECON705) in the second semester. Elective/advanced courses include Marxian Political Economy, Economics of Race and Gender, Development, and International Economics all taught from a pluralist perspective.

The faculty in the department of Economics at CSU comprises mainstream economists working on environmental economics, health economics, regional economics as well as heterodox political economists working on finance, feminist economics, environmental justice, and distribution. 

How does the programme ensure students understand the interaction between economic and ecological systems?

We offer advanced courses in Environmental and Natural Resource Economics as well as the Economics of Climate Change. 

How does the programme ensure students understand how to critically explore real-world evidence, both qualitative and quantitative?

Core training includes a replication exercise that requires students to reproduce and extend the results of a recently published paper. Most of our students write empirical master theses or PhD dissertations.

What pedagogical approaches does the programme use to ensure that students examine the historical context, assumptions and values in all economic thinking?

See the syllabus for ECON505--History of Economic Thought

See the syllabus for ECON705--Heterodox Approaches to Economics

See the syllabus for ECON771--Political Economy of Race and Gender

How does the department ensure that the teaching culture and capacity to deliver economic pluralism are continually improving?

We are committed to offer a pluralist set of courses that are updated regularly based on new research; we are also committed to hire in political economy/heterodox economics to keep staffing the courses we offer. 

Other information:

While we do not accept application for a terminal MA (Plan A), students can apply for the PhD program and walk away with a MA Plan B after two years if they do not wish to continue with their studies. 




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