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Institute for Economic Justice

The IEJ’s core objective is to provide policy makers and progressive social forces in South Africa with access to rigorous economic analysis, and well thought through policy options, as a basis for advancing systemic change. Interventions proposed by the IEJ must advance social justice, promote equitable economic development that realises socio-economic rights, and ensure a … Continued

Reteaching Economics

Reteaching Economics is a network of UK-based early career academics working for better university economics teaching. A small group of academics launched the organisation in early 2015 – it is now a network with more than seventy members at universities across the UK. The aims of the network align with those of the Rethinking Economics students campaigning for change in … Continued

Polis Analysis

Polis Analysis is a non-profit organisation focused on delivering fact-based and impartial analysis on the latest political developments. We deliver a free daily newsletter for anyone who signs up, as well as free long- and short-read blogs, videos and podcasts. Polis Analysis was created as a passion project by our founder Thomas Barton, who felt … Continued

UCL Institute of Global Prosperit

The mission of the IGP is to rethink what prosperity means for people around the globe. Our vision is to help build a prosperous, sustainable, global future, underpinned by the principles of fairness and justice, and allied to a realistic, long-term vision of humanity’s place in the world. The IGP undertakes pioneering research that seeks to … Continued

The Finance Innovation Lab

The Finance Innovation Lab incubates the people, ideas and movements building a financial system that serves people and planet. We work with innovators developing new business models, campaigners calling for change in the rules of the game, and mainstream professionals who want to change finance from the inside.

Young Foundation

Young Foundation is a charity organization founded and run by the youths. Our main aim is to target: 1) Education and Skill Development, 2) Healthcare and Medical Awareness, and, 3) Social Awareness

African Youth Initiative on Climate Change (AYICC)

The African Youth Initiative on Climate Change (AYICC) is an umbrella network of youth organizations working to promote active participation of African youth in the international climate change processes. Since its formation in 2006, AYICC has grown into a largest youth Network on the continent accelerating youth actions on climate change and promoting environmental sustainability. … Continued

Windesheim Honours College

Windesheim is the number 2 broad-based University of Applied Sciences in the Netherlands; we are highly ranked by both students and experts and highly reputed for our personal approach and close collaboration with the work field. Our English taught programmes focus on business: we have a high quality International Business Progamme, and a unique programme … Continued

The Black Economists Network

The Black Economists Network (pronounced T-BEN for short) is an organisation dedicated to providing a platform through which professionals and students of African and Afro-Caribbean descent in economics can connect, collaborate, share ideas and support each other. We also seek to challenge the lack of diversity within economics-related fields by raising the profile of Black … Continued

The Department of Mathematics and Statistics at McMaster University

The Department of Mathematics and Statistics at McMaster University offers vibrant undergraduate and graduate programs in pure and applied mathematics, statistics, and data science. Our mission is to provide high quality training and education on mathematical and statistical sciences across a range of interdisciplinary programs and to support excellence in research. Our vision is to capitalize … Continued

Levy Economics Institute of Bard College

The Levy Economics Institute offers graduate programs in economic theory and policy that are an alternative to mainstream programs. The M.A. and M.S. provide approaches to topics such as time use, poverty, gender, student debt, and employment that other programs neglect, encouraging you to evaluate policies, examine behavior, and dig deeper into the social phenomena … Continued


The alliance for better food and farming advocates food and agriculture policies and practices that enhance the health and welfare of people and animals, improve the working and living environment, enrich society and culture and promote equity. We represent around 100 national public interest organisations working at international, national, regional and local level.

Circular Economy Club

The Circular Economy Club (CEC) is the largest international network of circular economy professionals and organizations with over 260 CEC local chapters in over 110 countries. Non-for-profit, global and open to anyone to join the club for free.

Sistema B

In Latin America and the rest of the world, we and thousands of people see ourselves as part of a movement in which a meeting takes place when we realize that we share the same quest: a new economic ‘genetics’ that turns values and ethics into inspiration for collective solutions without neglecting individual needs. This movement … Continued

Real Ideas Organisation

Real Ideas Organisation is a social enterprise based in southwest England. Focussing on solving problems and creating opportunities for people, communities, and organisations, the team supports thousands of people every year through a range of delivery including events and experiences, coaching, mentoring, and business support.