Reteaching Economics - PEP - Promoting Economic Pluralism

Reteaching Economics

Reteaching Economics is a network of UK-based early career academics working for better university economics teaching. A small group of academics launched the organisation in early 2015 – it is now a network with more than seventy members at universities across the UK.

The aims of the network align with those of the Rethinking Economics students campaigning for change in economics curricula. We work alongside these groups while providing institutional support for early career academics committed to pluralism in economics.

Reteaching Economics believes in a pluralist approach to teaching economics. In our view, the standard tools in the economics textbooks are insufficient to understand today’s complex world. An education which truly equips students for the real world will draw on ideas and insights from a range of perspectives. Thinking about real world problems using insights from both heterodox and orthodox economics is a better way for students to spend their time than learning a narrow set of neoclassical models.