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David Harold Chester

David Harold Chester was born in London in 1937.
He was an engineering apprentice with a famous British aircraft company. Simultaneously, between 1953-1957 he studied Aeronautics Engineering and graduated with a Diploma of Northampton Engineering College, Islington (now called “The City University”). Between 1958-1959 he studied and obtained a Diploma of “The College of Aeronautics, Cranfield, UK (also renamed as a Management College), which was converted to an MSc in 1972.
He also studied economics at the Georgist School of Economics. London, and by self-study.
During a long carrier in engineering in AeroSpace, he published 14 technical papers in international journals on related technical subjects.
Retired 2008, currently writer and author of a recent book:
“Consequential Macroeconomics—Rationalizing About How our Social System Works”, 2015,
and 2 additional related working-papers (in open literature form) about the model being used in this book:
SSRN 2600103 “A Mechanical Model for Teaching Macroeconomics”, 2015 and
SSRN 2865571 “Einstein’s Criterion Applied to Logical Macroeconomics Modeling” in 2017.