Jodie Levy - PEP - Promoting Economic Pluralism

Jodie Levy

Jodie is a public policy researcher and holds an MSc in Public Policy and Administration from The London School of Economics. Her background is in political economy and has written on issues concerning the systemic risk of capital concentration in a period of low wage growth. Jodie has advised Mayor Sadiq Khan on environmental policy and is a writer for the LSE Government Blog. Jodie currently works at Forty Shillings, a political public affairs firm, where she leads on community engagement across the U.K.

Throughout her life she has been a passionate advocate for a fairer economic model and has worked with Oxford Professor Danny Dorling, looking at how to achieve more egalitarian societies through public policy change.
Born in the United Kingdom and having grown up in Oxford and lived in Manchester, where she studied for her bachelor’s degree in Politics and International Relations and listened to The Smiths avidly. Jodie has worked for MPs in Oxford and Manchester and has gained experience in social media campaigns, stakeholder management, political consultancy and marketing. Jodie loves to spend her free time going to lectures at the LSE, RSA and Parliament and cooking for her friends.