Jakaria Uddin - PEP - Promoting Economic Pluralism

Jakaria Uddin

Jakaria is a Programme Support Specialist at Promoting Economic Pluralism. He assists with ideation for the Festival for Change as well as developing new initiatives to promote the Mint Magazine to further and higher educational institutions.

Jakaria is reading Land Economy at the University of Cambridge, exploring the fields of economics, law and policy.

Growing up in Hackney, his interests lie in the nexus of development, technology and policy. As an advocate for social innovation, he is actively involved as a Quality and Impact Officer at Shaping Horizons, a social enterprise under the aegis of the University.

He is affiliated with social mobility, having a participatory role as an Alumni Advisor for the Sutton Trust, along with the SMF, The Access Project, upReach, The Brokerage among other organisations.

Apart from tutoring in his spare time, his creative outlet includes playing table tennis, long walks and exploring synergies in the field of STEM and economics.