Graham Boyd - PEP - Promoting Economic Pluralism

Graham Boyd

I started my journey towards these patterns back in South Africa.

I remember the hopelessness I felt during the final years of apartheid South Africa. I saw only futures of revolution and destruction. There was very little reason to hope for any kind of reconciliation, little reason to hope for any social, economic or environmental health afterwards.

South Africa, the Rainbow Nation, is still far from perfect. But compared to the violence it could have had �

Looking back I can see that South Africa went through a very narrow gap in the dark mountains of revolution. A gap that was invisible because we was not close enough to the mountains to see it. Invisible, because I lacked the wisdom, the �tools� to see it from the distance.

Fortunately there were key figures that had that wisdom. Were able to use many more of these patterns than I could. They continued acting from hope regardless of how they felt. And so did what was needed to keep going until we were close enough to see the gap.

Maybe even that hope created the gap in the last minute.

During my career as an entrepreneur, as a manager in Procter and Gamble (Belgium and China) and as a research physicist in universities, I have learnt time after time that changing where I stand, and changing how I see, opens up new choices.

And opens up new power to act on those choices.

Today, I look at the challenges I face, you face, and that we all face. Which ones are at the top of your mind?

I look at these challenges, and stay hopeful. Because I know from experience that there is a place to stand, and a way to look at our options, that leads to each and all of us being our best selves.

Which is what the world needs now.