Transition Kentish Town - PEP - Promoting Economic Pluralism

Transition Kentish Town

We are ordinary local residents who want to make Kentish Town less dependent on fossil fuels, and a happier, greener and more neighbourly place to live.

We need a transition to a world that uses less energy and resources, and we need to do it fairly.

These are some of the skills and projects we think we need…

  • food preserving
  • urban gardening
  • foraging
  • carpentry
  • beekeeping
  • draught busting
  • cooking with wild foods
  • storytelling
  • jam making
  • clothes swapping
  • working with schools
  • local renewable energy
  • buying fresh food from farms around London

Join us and get involved with making Kentish Town a closer-knit, happier and more self-sufficient community!

Transition Kentish Town is part of Transition Towns, an international movement that aims to inspire and support communities to respond to climate change, inequality and shrinking supplies of cheap energy.