Revolutionise Tax and Welfare - PEP - Promoting Economic Pluralism

Revolutionise Tax and Welfare

The Revolutionise Tax & Welfare group was founded by economist Stephen Stretton and engineering entrepreneur Gordon Styles to take a fresh look at the UK tax and welfare system and the roles it plays in our society.

The current system has many shortcomings that we believe can be addressed through bold but pragmatic redesign and well-considered policy.

We believe a reformed tax and welfare system could be instrumental in meeting a raft of social and economic challenges faced by the UK, including through adapting to new opportunities arising from the changing policy context of Brexit.

The founders are aided in this independent project by a core team of researchers and writers, plus a growing circle of expert advisors and collaborators.

Our contention is that the current tax system fails to distinguish between productive, unproductive and destructive activities. We argue that taxing unproductive private wealth can reduce economic instability and inequality. We also support the taxation of activities that cause harm to the environment or human health.

These introductions would allow government to cut taxes on productive activities such as labour and investment, whilst distinguishing placements and monopoly rights from real investment, meaning we could focus on building a stronger economy and a fairer society.