What we are asking mentors to do

  • Provide facilitation and expert support to groups of young participants collaborating on developing proposals to build back better for 1-2 morning and/or afternoon sessions a week over August and some further support in September;
  • Help assess and select proposals for featuring in the first round of webinars in early September which could take about 1/2 a day; and
  • Provide opportunities to the young participants to discuss their career options in September as much as you are able.

We are still developing the programme of activities, which we plan to finalise in the week commencing 6th July. We will then survey mentors so you can indicate what you are willing and able to contribute.We will then provide a full briefing for you in the week commencing 20th July.

What sort of skills and experience do you need to be a mentor

Firstly you don’t need to be an economist. You just need some experience of developing and implementing strategies, programmes and/or projects in government, finance, business or 3rd sector to change how systems work. You could also have expertise in this as a researcher and/or be expert as facilitating thinking about how to do this. You don’t have to have loads of experience as it would be also great to have people involved who are early in their careers and who participants can maybe more easily identify with.

What we can offer mentors

Reward from helping young people

Young people will face particular challenges over the coming years as finding jobs is likely to be very challenging. They will really appreciate your assistance.

Passing on your expertise to young people

You will get the satisfaction of having young people listen to the results of expertise you have gained in your career.

Building wider sets of relationships

You’ll have the chance to build relationships with a wide and diverse mix of partners, sponsors and experts who share your desire to build back better.